PhD Forum* (Chicago Room) *reserved for forum participants

Opening address: “Critical Dialogues in Contemporary Theatre Research” Martin Middeke (University of Augsburg) & Clare Wallace (Charles University)

Charlotte Manzella (Universität Hamburg) “Temporalitites in Contemporary British Climate Change Theatre”

Ondřej Polák (Charles University) “Dialogues Past and Present: Cruel Optimism of Post-Black Theatre”

Valeria Sabitova (Charles University) “Sensation and Affect: Embodiment of Violence in Visual Arts, Theatre and Performance”

Amy Terry  (Royal Holloway, University of London) “Playwriting as Intersectionality: Creating Postdramatic Queer Methodologies to Write Coalitional Working-Class Performance”

Jade Thomas (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) “Representing Blackness: Metatheater and Genre Remediation in 21st-Century African American Plays”

Eszter Vass (University of Konstanz) “Trauma and Metatheatre in Contemporary Anglophone Drama”

Leila Michelle Vaziri (University of Augsburg) “The Theatre of Anxiety – Border Crossings in 21st Century British Theatre”

Kamila Mamadnazarbekova (Sorbonne University) “The Invention of Nature and Landscaping Britain”

Sarah Busch (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg) “Emotional Audiences: The Role of Affect in the Reception of Contemporary Anglophone Theatre”


Council Meeting (Chicago Room)


Conference Opening (Grand Salon)

by the Organizing Team: Cyrielle Garson (Université d’Avignon), Xavier Lemoine (Université Gustave Eiffel), Anna Street (Le Mans Université), Julie Vatain (Sorbonne University)

Followed by welcoming remarks by Susan Blattes (former RADAC president), Emeline Jouve (RADAC president), Ute Berns (CDE President)

CDE Award Laudations


Keynote Address (Grand Salon)

Aleshea Harris (American Playwright) in Conversation with Julie Vatain (Sorbonne University) & Jaine Chemmachery (Sorbonne University)

Chair: Xavier Lemoine (Université Gustave Eiffel)


Welcoming Cocktail (Grand Salon)

FRIDAY, 24 JUNE 2022


Keynote Address (Grand Salon)

Jen Harvie (Queen Mary University of London) “Cities, Crises and Care”

Chair: Claire Hélie (Université de Lille)


Coffee Break(Foyer)


Panel 1: Re-envisioning Urban Immersive Theatricalities (Grand Salon)

Prudhon, Deborah (Université d’Aix-Marseille) “Punchdrunk’s Kabeiroi (2017): Taking Immersive Theatre to the Streets

Radak, Tamara (University of Vienna) “(Post)digital Co-Presence in Digitally Immersive Theatre”

Forlini, Francesca (Roma Tre University) “Performing the city – space, movement and memory in O Ben’groes at Droed Amser

Chair: Cyrielle Garson (Université d’Avignon)


Lunch (Foyer)


Panel 2: Performing Identity in Public Spaces (Grand Salon)

Herold-Zanker, Katharina (University of Regensburg) “Getting the tribe together”: Theatres as Urban Spaces for Female Voices”

Colpitts, Andy (Cornell University) “Place on Parade: Genre, Politics, and Puppets”

Chair: Clare Wallace (Charles University)


Panel 3: Theatres of Protest (Grand Salon)

Bredeson, Kate (Reed College) “Theatre in and of the City: Portland Protests, 2020”

Schwanecke, Christine (University of Graz) “Criticising Capitalism in the City and on the Stage: The city street movement “Occupy Wall Street” and Tim Price’s Protest Song

Sedgman, Kristy (University of Bristol) “Civilising the City, the Oldest Theatre in Europe, and Other Lies for Divided Times”

Chair: Emeline Jouve (Université of Toulouse Jean-Jaurès)


Coffee Break (Foyer)


Walkshop to the Sorbonne

Veloso, Verônica (Universidade de São Paulo), Francis Wilker (Universidade Federal do Ceará) and Glauber Coradesqui (Instituto Federal Fluminense) “Walking around cities – traveling, contemplating and discovering spaces”


Keynote Address (Sorbonne) 

Anne Hamburger (En Garde Arts, New York) in Conversation with Emilie Rault (Actress and Director) & Julie Vatain (Sorbonne University)

Chair: Elisabeth Angel-Perez (Sorbonne University)


Reception (Club des enseignants, Sorbonne)



CDE Members’ Meeting (Chicago room)

Coffee available (Foyer)


Coffee Break (Foyer)


Panel 4: Staging Homelessness in the City (Grand Salon)

Knittelfelder, Elisabeth (University of Graz) “‘Refugees Welcome’: Necrocapitalism and rethinking (B)order in the Migration Performances The Jungle (2017), Lampedusa (2015), and The Walk (2021)”

Moyer, Gabrielle (Stanford University) “Ecce Homo or Theater of the Unhoused”

Bendrat, Anna (Marie Curie-Sklodowska University) “New apartment, new body, new life”: The intersections of disability and immigrant experience in “the urban East of America” in Martyna Majok’s Cost of Living

Gürbüz-Blaich, Nevin (Heidelberg University) “Mobilities and the City in Contemporary British Drama: Urban Practices”

Chair: Anna Street (Le Mans Université)


Lunch (Foyer) & Book Launch (Grand Salon)

Arnold Wesker – Fragments and Visions. Edited by Anne Etienne and Graham Saunders. Intellect: Bristol and Chicago, 2021.

A Companion to British-Jewish Theatre since the 1950s. Edited by J. Malkin, E. Voigts, S. Ablett. Bloomsbury: London, 2021


Keynote Address (Grand Salon)

Roy Williams (British Playwright) in Conversation with Gemma Edwards (University of Manchester)

Chair: Martin Middeke (University of Augsburg)


Coffee Break (Foyer)


Panel 5: Community Making (Grand Salon)

Drugeon, Marianne (Université Paul Valéry Montpellier 3) “Dorchester community plays”

Edwards, Gemma (University of Manchester) “Made to Connect: Theatrical Exchange in the City/Region of Greater Manchester (UK)”

Cowan, Isla (University of Glasgow) ‘“Survival of the Fittest”: Staging Animal (Inter)Actions on the Urban Stage’”

Chair: Hélène Alfaro-Hamayon (Université Gustave Eiffel)


Coffee Break (Foyer)


Transit to Saint Denis


Kaimera Immersive Performance, Saint Denis 

(40 pax max – please book in advance on your own)

SUNDAY, 26 JUNE 2022


Panel 6: A Tale of Gentrification (Grand Salon)

Saunders, Graham (University of Birmingham) “The Resistible Rise of Isli-Crouch Upon-Thames: New Metropolitanism in New British Drama”

Voigts, Eckart (Technische Universität Braunschweig) “Vienna, London, Paris: Tom Stoppard’s Leopoldstadt as an Elegy of the 20th-Century Bourgeois, Liberal, European City”

Windberger, Eva-Maria (Universität Trier) “Preserving Memory, Experiencing Loss: Ambivalent Gentrification in Jeremy Tiang’s The Last Days of Limehouse (2014)”

Chair: Aloysia Rousseau (Sorbonne University)


Coffee Break (Foyer)


Round table: Dramaturgy and Design (Grand Salon)

Moderator: Eckart Voigts (Technische Universität Braunschweig)

Andrew Todd (Architect & Theater Consultant: Studio Andrew Todd)

Cristiana Mazzoni (Architect & Urban Designer: National Architectural school of Paris-Belleville)

Imanuel Schipper (Theatre Scholar: Theatre Academy/Uniarts Helsinki)

Anne Hamburger (Theatrical Producer: En Garde Arts, New York)

Chair: Anna Street (Le Mans Université)


Conference Closing (Grand Salon)

by the Organizing Team: Cyrielle Garson (Université d’Avignon), Xavier Lemoine (Université Gustave Eiffel), Anna Street (Le Mans Université)


Lunch (Foyer)